About us

PMC has always been and remains a small family run business with solid experience in both commercial and residential building.

We began our lives and careers as apprentice carpenters in the sleepy Victorian town of Myrtleford, a place well known for its natural beauty and distinctive avenues of trees.

Ten formative years in local residential development later, youthful exuberance brought us to Melbourne. A larger pond for both work and opportunity. Sending us on a sharp learning curve of what we didn’t know.

Fifteen years after that shift to Melbourne and with considerable commercial experience now under our belts, we number 35 regular staff and have a much deeper understanding of good business practice.

It is personal qualities taught to us long ago by our parents that strangely are the reason we still exist as a business - treating people well and keeping our word. As you read through the details of this site, we suspect you will know whether our values are a good fit for your project.

Each year we take on a small group of new clients who value our integrity and honesty. More than 70 per cent of our clients come back to us. We begin to feel like family and the respect felt cuts both ways.

Life has taught us that growing a business like PMC without honour is not growth at all. And we would rather keep you waiting than subcontract your work to an inferior third party.

We welcome you to our website. We encourage you to consider the work of other contractors so that you might better understand our quiet point of difference.

And most of all, we wish you well.

Peter Cavedon.